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No one should have to face their struggles alone. At Celebrate Recovery, we cultivate a safe space for people to address their hurts, habits, and hang-ups in a supportive community with a Christ-centered perspective. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, drug and alcohol addiction, codependency, high anxiety, food addiction, financial dysfunction, sex addiction, and eating disorders. We believe in addressing these issues in a biblical way to encourage healing and freedom from these destructive patterns of behavior.  

who is cr for?

Celebrate Recovery uses a Christ-centered 12-step program (similar to the program used in AA). We focus on recognizing our mistakes and shortcomings, making amends, and turning away from unhealthy behaviors with the help of a relationship with Jesus. Lastly, using an intense Celebrate Recovery curriculum, we provide an 8 month long step study that helps us to identify where/when our struggles began, which we believe is key to lasting change. Similarly, we also have sponsors to guide and mentor during this process of developing healthy behaviors.

when does cr meet?

Celebrate Recovery meets every Thursday night at 7:00 pm in the ECCO Wing at the Murfreesboro campus for a time of worship. At 8:00 pm we separate into gender-specific and issue-specific small groups for discussion. Childcare is provided. 

get involved

If you want to get plugged into Celebrate Recovery, all you need to do is show up at the church and enter through the double doors to the left of our main entrance. 

If you want more information on Celebrate Recovery simply email